As a virtual control tower, Ingrid Control makes your power plants smarter and able to communicate, allowing them to be integrated to the grid and to the electricity market

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Remote operations and management

Just like a virtual power station, Ingrid Control consolidates all your renewable energy assets, providing a condensed real-time view of the substations and enabling you to operate them remotely, regardless of their technology or generation. Take control, with Ingrid Control!


Increase your production revenue

In a continuous intra-day energy market, response time is crucial. Ingrid Control provides a permanent link between your power plants, aggregators and all stakeholders of the grid. You can therefore adjust your production to dynamic power prices.


Automatize and protect your power plants

Shut down and restart your production tool remotely, in an appropriate and timely manner, using Ingrid Control’s ad-hoc automation solution, while ensuring compliance with grid requirements.


Grid compliance of your power plants

In order to respond to both current and future grid requirements, Ingrid Control ensures your power plants are and will be compliant, regardless of the generation technology employed.

Ingrid Control is a monitoring & control solution, enabling an efficient, secure and evolutionary operation of your renewable energy power plants.