Centralize the remote management of your substations​

Substation hypervision & remote Control​

  • Supervision and real-time data recording of Subtation devices:
    • DSO power meter
    • Protection relay data (Active power, Reactive power, Voltage, Frequency, etc.) 
    • MV Switchboard
    • WTG SCADA Interface 
    • Fire/intrusion sensors
  • Remote controllability of power plants by authorized third parties and prioritization/traceability of commands 
  • Scheduled unavailabilities dashboard of for your power plants
  • Alarms and notifications (Intrusion and fire sensors, tan phi band exceedance, DEIE malfunction, etc.)
Automated Exchanges with the Grid Operator

Enable communication between your power plants and the DSO web plateform (ie Dispo Réseau), ensuring compliance with your obligations towards the Grid Operator​

  • Automated transmission of production forecasts (regulatory requirement)
  • Display of scheduled interventions by the Grid Operator for each power plant 
  • Centralization and transmission of various scheduled unavailabilities 
Automated Exchanges with the direct marketeers​

Comply with your contractual obligations towards the direct marketeers​

  • Real-time production data transmission 
  • Automated transmission of scheduled unavailabilities 
  • Automated management of plant stops and restarts in case of negative prices in the market
  • Single interface between your power plants and various direct marketeers

Why Ingrid Control?

Cost savings​

  • Plants remote control
  • Monitoring of the divergences between scheduled DSO curtailments in relation to the actual limitations
  • Monitoring and real-time data recording of the substation’s devices
  • Controllability of the power plant in case of WTG SCADA or DSO PLC malfunctions
  • Precise remote diagnosis of the substation devices failures for an  effective corrective maintenance.

Compliance with regulatory obligations​

  • Automated transmission of call programs
  • Interface with the current DSO PLC (DEIE) and future ones (eDEIE)
  • Power plant controllability in case of DSO PLC (DEIE) malfunction

Compliance with contractual obligations​

  • Interface for exchanging contractual data with direct marketers 
  • Scheduling the transmission of shutdown orders by the direct marketer in the event of negative prices
  • Automated transmission of planned unavailabilities to the direct marketeer


  • Remote control of MV cellsavoiding manual maneuvers in the substation MV room
  • Real-time alerts and notifications from security sensors (fire, intrusion, etc…)

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    “The system is highly communicative, so it meets current challenges and anticipates those to come”

    — User case Vensolair

    « Ingrid Control was the only solution that made it possible to retrieve all site data (Substation and wind turbines) as well as the Grid Operator’s status from a single interface. »

    — User case Eurowatt