Optimise the security and reliability of your renewable energy powerplants with Eofix, a digital solution for inspections and audits.

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Systematise a preventive approach to monitor your power plants

Perform a detailed analysis of your production facilities with our all-in-one audit tool. Identify potential defects in your assets to avoid breakdowns!


Boost the effectiveness of your predictive maintenance

Use data intelligence to carry out in-depth analyses of your energy assets, create long-term action plans to help prevent breakdowns and reduce component wear and tear.

Improve performance through data intelligence


Conduct efficient inspections

Eofix simplifies inspection workflows by reducing machine servicing time and eliminating the need for post-visit data processing. The collection of high-quality information and accurate photo documentation improves and speeds up data transmission and analysis. Automated reports are generated instantly and easily shared with your teams or service providers to monitor follow-up activities and repair defects.


Simplify audits

Set up and customise inspection checklists for regular or one-off audits:
– During the operational phase to keep a track record of events on-site through technical risk assessment
– During the construction phase to prevent schedule slippage, budget overruns, or to monitor your “punch-lists”.


Data management

The solution offers a dedicated database that centralises information enabling you to carry out targeted searches and comparisons, as well as analyse trends. It offers the perfect platform to gather valuable feedback and leverage findings for improved performance.