Digitalise your on-site intervention processes with Eofix.

Customised checklists

Systematize your inspection process​

  • Create as many checklists as required, or import them into Eofix from an Excel file.
  • Access all your checklist templates from the mobile app, both online and offline.


Automated reports

Export automatically generated reports​

  • Immediate access to your reports at the end of each intervention.
  • Export them from the web application in various formats (PDF, Word & XLS).
  • Set up notifications to keep your service providers, customers and collaborators informed in real time.
Non-conformity management

Track the status of your non-conformities until they are resolved​

  • Assign a resolution manager and a due date to each non-conformity.
  • Filter them by numerous criteria: status, severity, resolution manager, site, etc.
Data leverage

Leverage your field data​

  • Create your own KPIs using the Eofix data warehouse.
  • Integrate Eofix with your other applications thanks to its API.
  • Visualize and detect trends to prevent breakdowns and downtime​.

Eofix enables you to…

Save time during inspections and reporting​

Benefit from an intuitive mobile application tailored to the needs of the industry:​

  • Its offline mode lets you run checklists in any situation, alone or two at a time. 
  • Efficiently record and report your observations by creating conformity and non-conformity tickets, either using a checklist or on the fly.

Centralize your data and reports via the web application:​

  • Cut the time spent preparing reports.
  • Find them automatically formatted and available.

Taking the case of a producer who inspects his fleet of 100 wind turbines twice a year, the estimated average time saved is 40 man-days. This represents approximately €24,000.​

Improve the quality of data collected​

  • A report can only be finalized and published once all checkpoints have been completed.
  • Include filling instructions to avoid misinterpretation.
  • Each conformity or non-conformity ticket is created with optional and mandatory fields, ensuring that all necessary and sufficient information is present.

Eofix helps develop a culture of continuous improvement within teams.

Boost the efficiency of your O&M action plans​

  • Centralize non-conformities for all your sites on a single platform, making it easy to track them until their resolution.
  • Grant your service providers and subcontractors free access to Eofix. They can directly consult and complete the tickets you assign them, with comments and photos.
  • Make the most of your data by creating customized indicators, and organize your non-conformity follow-up meetings.


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    “This solution enabled us, for instance, to instantaneously share a non-conformity with both the turbine manufacturer and the DREAL”

    — User case RP Global

    “It had to be intuitive and straightforward to operate so that users adopt it without a second thought”

    — User case Atalante Energies

    “The configurable checklist feature simplifies and systemizes the inspection process”

    — User case EOS Wind

    “A tool designed by and for wind power professionals”

    — User case ERG France

    “Thanks to Eofix, we were able to have an overall view in real time of the progress of the actions. This saves us a lot of time and ensures quality control”

    — User case Vestas France

    « Eofix permet à Engie Green de centraliser sur une même plateforme des réserves relevées lors d’inspection sur des parcs éoliens et solaires, réalisées par des équipes interne et externe. »

    — User case Engie Green

    « Eofix est devenu un outil indispensable dans notre stratégie d’exploitation, et qui est utilisé par une personne sur trois au sein du groupe »

    — User case Eurowatt