“Eofix has become an essential tool in our operating strategy and is now used by one in three people within the group” 

About Eurowatt

Eurowatt group is a renewable energy IPP.

Recognized player in France and Europe, the group ensures all phases of a project and masters all wind power businesses: Development, Construction and Operation.

With more than 10 years of experience, Eurowatt is now one of the top fifteen wind power IPPs in France, having more than 170 authorized wind turbines (380 MW) and 108 in operation (222 MW).

What was the context that led you to adopt Eofix ?

“As a producer-operator, our objective is to develop the performance and sustainability of our electric kWh production plants, by organizing the means and resources available and by using new tools when is necessary. In this context, Eofix has become an essential tool in our operation strategy and is now used by one in three people within the Group,” says Guillaume Haudebert, Construction and Operation Manager at Eurowatt.

What main needs this solution can respond ?

“First of all, for the sake of operational efficiency, we sought to reduce the time spent on inspections and improve the quality of the data collected on the field.

In addition, we wanted to improve the communication of our information internally and to external service providers in order to be more responsive, and to allow the production of relevant KPIs to effectively drive continuous improvement action plans. Eofix meets these needs very well,” explains Guillaume.

For you, what are the benefits of Eofix ?

“Today, Eofix allows us to save a significant amount of time and be much more efficient.

An example? The adoption of the tool eliminated the tedious task of writing inspection reports. We estimate this reduction at 0.2 man-days / wind turbine / year, that to say 20 man-days / year for 100 Turbines. This represents approximately € 12,000 / year in time savings.

If we are talking about avoided production losses: it goes without saying that a single, reliable and exhaustive database made up of a register of contextualized NCs that is easy to disseminate, offers more chances of avoiding production stoppages and operation losses than a random collection of rough lists of faults that are difficult to share. Given the figures, more than 1000 NC resolved / year for a fleet of 100 turbines, it can be said that several shutdowns are avoided each year. However, a single shutdown in winter can generate around € 4,000 in losses / day.

Qualitative benefits can also be attributed to Eofix. One of them is the tool’s ability to develop a culture of continuous quality improvement, both internally and with external providers. We couldn’t do without Eofix today”, concludes Guillaume.


To find out about Eurowatt and their missions, visit their website: https://eurowatt-group.com/