“Thanks to Eofix, we were able to have an overall view in real time of the progress of the actions. This saves us a lot of time and ensures quality control”

About Vestas France

With 132 GW of wind turbines installed in 83 countries, 29,000 employees and a turnover of 14 billion in 2020, Vestas is the world leader in its sector. With 113 GW of wind turbines under service contracts, Vestas is now an expert in data processing.

Why and how did Eofix become a useful tool in the daily life of Vestas France’s installation team?

Youssef El Arari, Installation Coordinator at Vestas France, explains it in detail below.

What were the needs and issues that led you to consider using a solution like Eofix? 

“We needed to consider a solution to improve information synchronization during our inspections throughout the construction phase.

Eofix is a solution that centralizes all the data on a single platform, allowing us to have an overview of each project in real time and shared with all the players involved.

It seemed important to us to opt for a digital solution to manage all our construction projects.”

Why did you choose Eofix?

“Following a trial period, Eofix appeared as a solution that corrected our pain points and inspection needs. It stood out for its simple and fluid use, which was particularly appreciated during the tests carried out by the teams throughout field inspections.

This simplicity of use is a real benefit for all the team members.”

What is the feedback from users of Eofix within your company?

“The Eofix application is currently being used by Vestas France installation teams.

They also used the tool on the “Taïba Ndiaye” project in Senegal, which is the largest wind farm in West Africa, for the final inspection of the turbines and the management of non-conformities. The 46 wind turbines now provide electricity to more than 2 million people and inject 15% additional energy into the grid.

Thanks to Eofix, we were able to have an overall view of the progress of the actions in real time. This saves us a lot of time and ensures quality control.”

What are the 3 main added values of the solution for you?

“If I had to choose only 3, it would be:

1/ The suitability of the tool for our wind energy business

2/ The immediate appropriation of the tool, by all the team members and subcontractors

3/ Sparksis’ reactivity to make the product evolve according to our suggestions”

What are the concrete benefits of the solution? 

“The first obvious benefit is the time saving: all team members can consult the information from anywhere and at any time, via the mobile application or the web application.

This time saving is combined with efficiency, made possible by a particular feature of Eofix: the subcontractor connects directly to the application (via his mobile or PC) to resolve the tickets that concern him, without having to exchange other intermediate files by email.

The other major benefit concerns quality. Indeed, the field teams can identify all the points to be checked using a checklist of all the components of the wind turbines. This eliminates the risk of overlooking certain inspection points.”

Have these benefits allowed you to develop new tasks or services?

“At the end of each construction project, we are required to affix a “TOC” signature (Take Over Certificate) which is a handover certificate bringing together the list of any non-conformities identified and not settled. With Eofix, this list is immediately available.

In addition, after the first kilowatt hours produced by the machine, we can now easily transmit an exhaustive and qualified list of possible reservations (“punch-list”) to our O&M department, which will take over their resolution during the wind farm service contract.”

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